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Seven Weeks Coffee


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Our newly released Decaf is a Specialty Coffee blend with a medium roast profile. These beans are decaffeinated through a swiss water process by which caffeine is removed in a chemical-free process. This results in a clean-tasting coffee without any caffeine!

Notes: Nutty, Dark Chocolate, Sweet

Seven Weeks Coffee is a pro-life coffee company that donates 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers across the country.


    Why Seven Weeks?

    At seven weeks of development, a baby is the size of a coffee bean, and for the first time—a heart beat is clearly detectable.

    Coffee Info

    Specialty Coffee Blend

    Swiss Water Process

    Small Batch Air Roasted

    Whole Bean

    Pesticide Free

    Not sourced through Direct Trade

    Our Right & Free promise

    ✅ Made in America

    ✅ Promotes conservative value

    ✅ Supports small business